How do I have so many viewers? More than 6100 viewers for me, 21-year-old new model. My name is Sonja and I speak robotic English and falter at some words. “Where-i am-from” I ask the viewers. “Africa?” the chat window reads. No-not, I reply, a little innocent game to trigger a response. “Germany?” reads in the chat window. I remain silent, but it won’t be far off. Where I come from today I never say. That should be obvious. See how I do via

Then as seen from the viewer:

“I want your Banana” comes out of the speaker somewhat tinny and woodenly. Webcam girl Sonja is lying on her back and massaging her clit and opening with a Lovense. Her camera is in HD and displays her show beautifully. That thing films everything and also zooms in well, you can count the hairs on her Venus mound with her POV shot.

Sonja is live with the webcam from home and is steadily increasing the number of visitors. Sonja is biting, sucking and massaging on her nipples and breasts as the tokens come in steadily. “I-do-not-smoke” she says in a trembling voice.

Her mouth has now found her left nipple again. The sucking sound is enough for a hefty tip. “My-pussy-is-so-wet,” she says with a big smile.

The camera has just taken a beautiful shot. Clearly, I’m having a top day today, things are going very easily for her. And when you only hear the little voice and way of talking, you think you are dealing with someone with a low IQ. This of course is not true dear reader, but viewers love innocence, the appeal is great. Whether that goes a little too far? Let it be clear, my viewers. There are of course many other models with other reasons.