So, you want to earn extra money or earn a lot as a webcam? Yep, extra money or earn a lot. On the main page of Chaturbate and Stripchat you will find the successful webcam models. These are the girls, men and trans women who are doing very well, working from home and when they want. And now you think: I can do that too, easy. Probably, I am going to destroy your dream. You can do it! But it takes a lot of time, annoying setbacks, like no good position, your image or video where you don’t want to see it, etc.

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Let’s see what it takes:

  • Good lighted, discreet room
  • Always a happy face
  • Fast internet connection
  • Think about identification
  • Tidy look
  • Sex Toys on webcam
  • Languages you speak
  • Can you act?

Okay, there are probably more. Let’s see, a lighted room. The camera works better with lots of light, and an unremarkable room works against recognition. Yes, she will have changed your hair, wear glasses or something on the head, or stay out of the picture with your head, but that one painting or kitchen will be recognized. And don’t think your friends, family or neighbors never watch a webcam show.

Then a happy face, not happy today?

Then a happy face, not happy today? Don’t go in front of the webcam, or you have to be so good at acting that they’ll give you extra attention because you’re not happy 😀 Oh well, that man or woman on the other end is giving tokens because you’re well his or her fantasy, his princess or prince. And it just costs you viewers, they don’t come back and save you as a favorite.

The fast internet connection speaks for itself, better picture, HD camera. And that means, a better show and happy people. And happy people are willing to welcome you and give tokens. That’s the reason many models work from a studio on LiveJasmin. On Chaturbate and Stripchat, there are a lot more home-based models. And of course, not everyone has the room at home to do a live erotic show.

Webcam models and… Yes, that recognition

Yes, that recognition and webcam models. Oh, man. It can be hard. I already described it a little. Beware. On every webcam site, you have the option to block your home country or region from visitors from this country or region. For many cases, this is already pretty good. But there is the possibility of VPN and much worse. Some shows are recorded by an IP address outside your country or region. If someone, for example your neighbors, friends or family know your webcam name, they can find you.

Think carefully about HOW you appear on camera. Different color hair? Glasses? Something on the head? Your face not in the camera at all? The latter doesn’t always work, Chaturbate needs recognition from time to time. And speaking of recognition, all sites record your identification, you MUST be 18 or older.

Beware of recognition!

Beware of recognition! Once it gets on the internet, it is hard to remove it. You can then send a DMCA to Google for removal and an email to the host of the image. Google cooperates, the web host doesn’t always. There will just come a day when someone recognizes you, it could also be abroad. If you become a successful model, it goes fast.

A neat appearance, on LiveJasmin you will find all models in a nice room with lots of makeup. Don’t you want that? Then choose another website. But yes, a good-looking appearance obviously helps a lot for the pleasant feeling of the viewer, and a happy viewer does…. Oh, you get it. Just pretend you are going out to find someone for a date.

Open a site from the main page, and you’ll see webcam models with one of those pink sex toys between their legs. The little device responds to the sounds of the tokens, it seems. It gives the viewer power over you, and he or she finds that exciting. And then this person becomes happy and gives more, you get it.

Easy, just order via internet. Linked to that, you can of course also act that the thing works. Picture your favorite person sliding his hand over your body. A vibration with the hips, a deep moan, spinning eyes, and you can be right in front of the camera as an actress. You are now.

Play that you love it, that generous giving, he is going to be there for you with a full credit card, is grateful to you. You are his sugar princess, his darling. How could he ever do without you. And hey, there will come a day when it will come naturally, you’ll grab the role when the camera turns on. The Unstoppable You

Then about the languages. What target audience do you want to appeal to? It seems obvious to me that a man from Africa spends less money than someone from Norway, Germany or the US, for example. You can practice a few words of English, right? Or Spanish or French?

The viewer wants to hear your voice, it’s just a big part of his fantasy. And please turn off that loud background noise. If you are afraid of silence, just say something. Even if it’s just a lame story, or ask the viewer a question. You can then respond.

Well, good. I will add information when I have new insights. You very well earn with webcam model work. But be careful what you do! From the very beginning. Ask questions via the contact page.

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